Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Spring Bride

Ah its that time of year when beautiful brides abound. Are you looking for a relaxed, calm, enjoyable, spa approach to the beauty aspect of your wedding?

Well then visit for premier makeup and hair design in the comfort of your home or bridal suite.

Getting ready for that special day can be so much easier, more enjoyable, memorable and fun with a little smart planning up front. Keeping a video journal is also a great way to capture memories leading up to the event and easy to do with today's instant and constantly improving technology.

But my emphasis in this blog is the beauty aspect of your wedding day - namely, makeup and hair design. There are some great articles you might enjoy reading on the website and I'll be blogging all things related in the upcoming months.

In the meantime - remember SUNBLOCK early in the season and often. Check it out at "Healthlink". If you want that "golden California" look, better to get a spray tan (a la "Dancing with the Stars") than via the sun's rays. This is huge and you will be thankful later in life when people think you are 10 years younger because you took the precautions early in life to protect your body's biggest organ - your skin. More important though is the serious damage sun soaking can cause. But you knew that - didn't you?

And of course having your makeup and hairstyling done in the comfort of your home or bridal suite by a competent and experienced artist is a smart way to plan for the finishing, yet most important touches, for your wedding day pictures, videos, receiving line and to present to that guy of your dreams. But remember, the best artists are booked fast, so its wise to shop early.

And another tip - all the hype about mineral makeup is just that. It does give a nice glow, but has to be touched up often - and if you have oily skin, don't even go there. A dual finish powder may be much better as it covers as light or heavy as you need and gives a beautiful, fresh air brushed finish to the skin.

Please pass this blog address to any of your friends who are planning to walk down the aisle. And I'll be happy to answer questions if you email them to or go to the website and email from there.

Thanks for dropping by this first post. And good luck with all your wedding plans - I sincerely hope you make the process fun, enjoyable and positively memorable.