Friday, November 13, 2009

Give Your Bridal Speech Like a Pro – Leave Your Audience Speechless

We’ve come a long way baby. Times have changed and now brides and other women in bridal parties are making speeches. But how much practice do you get giving speeches? Unless your business calls for you to regularly give speeches, introductions or training to groups, perhaps school may have been the last time you spoke to a crowd?  And how often have you spoken to a family and friend gathering which is much different that a group of strangers.

Well not to fret. Having had a career as a singer, voiceover specialist and coach to actors and business executives across the country in another life, this makeup maven can offer up some great tips to put you at ease and the star at giving a memorable, professional quality speech. 

Fact – Voice tone and vocabulary are 45% of any presentation. Wow – that’s a lot – almost half.  So its stands to reason that some prep time should be put into your speech, like choosing your flowers, wedding dress, makeup and hairstylist, photographer, etc.

Tip - Leave your audience “speechless”. Write your speech out and practice it till it feels comfortable and has the kind of impact you are looking for.

Tip - Professionals practice one hour for every minute of their speech. OK in the non-professional speaking environment its still a good rule of thumb. Practice on video - its the best - or use a tape recorder. Or better yet take in a session with a professional voice coach – they can give you instant tips and exercises for your particular needs. Re-write what isn’t working. Keep tweaking till it feels right. This will add volumes to your confidence and you will actually enjoy making your speech.

Tip - Practice projecting your voice – sing in the shower, the car (perfect private sound booth-especially with tinted windows) to your favourite tunes. Deep breath into the diaphragm 10 times, 3 times a day. Practice speaking in a way that you are understood – articulate every vowel, consonant and diphthong (secondary sound in a vowel).

Tip - Every letter in every word should get its full-intended value. That way your voice will be completely understood and you will have a lyrical quality and soothing tone to your voice that will leave your audience spell bound and you feeling elated.

If you practice just these 4 tips and start early – at least 3 months before the big day, I promise you’ll sound like a pro and feel relieved and relaxed at giving one of the most important speeches of your life.

For more tips and information, “The Voice of Your Choice” manuals are available for do it yourselfers or personal sessions for anyone in the bridal party with a preferred client discount if you have booked beauty services. – On-site Design & Service Excellence Sharon Danley, Master Artist
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